Cooking for Celiacs

Our restaurant places great emphasis on “Gluten Free” service to ensure, with care, the flavors of our dishes even for those who must worry about enjoying only gluten-free foods.

Wanting to offer guests with celiac disease a menu that is, from a dietary point of view, correct, yet stimulating to the eye and palate, our Chef has dedicated himself to research, conducting the training and refresher courses.

By following the protocol and product handbook, we can always offer new and appropriate “gluten free” menus where the main tool is precisely the meticulous care in food preparation, necessarily combined with the daily search for taste in safety.

In fact, all foods in our gluten-free restaurant are prepared with great care in a dedicated area, paying the utmost attention to the tools and the cooking process. Of course, we use only fresh produce, for a menu ranging from meat to fish to vegetables.